About Fail-Safe.


Fail-Safe Cleaning Solutions is Owner-Operated. This means that the Owner directly supervises and/or performs the work personally, and no one cares more about satisfying the customer than the Owner of the company. You’ll get our years of experience with a wide variety of Janitorial Services, and a personal interest in not just doing the job right, but exceeding your expectations.

We currently service a number of different businesses in Amarillo and the surrounding areas, including Panhandle and Lubbock, from clothing stores to investment and insurance offices, feed stores to jewelry stores. Fully bonded and insured, using the smallest crews possible, your privacy and property are always protected. We pride ourselves in our competitive pricing and commitment to quality. There is no better Janitorial Service in Amarillo, TX, especially for those running small businesses. Call us today at (806) 477-0459