Stay on top of your new wax job! Whether it’s a low- to no-traffic area or you have a whole crew delivering wear and tear to your floor, regular high-speed buffing not only keeps your tile shining, but also maintains the durability of the existing wax.

All buffing jobs begin with a thorough sweeping and mopping, paying special attention to corners and hard to reach areas under furniture. After the buffing is complete, All surfaces high and low will be dusted, and the floors will be swept again, leaving you only with a beautifully transformed floor.

We recommend your floors receive a High-Speed Buffing at least once a month, but some high-traffic establishments schedule for this to be done as often as every other week.

Our rate for High-Speed Buffing is negotiable, but generally prices around $0.13 per sq. ft. Smaller jobs must be billed per visit, regardless of time taken to complete. Call Jon at (806) 477-0459 to learn more.