Restoration can involve any number of techniques to restore a fresh, wet look to an old wax job. Damaged areas can be hand-scrubbed or stripped and blended back into the floor, special materials can be mopped onto the entire floor to restore extra shine, or additional wax can even be applied, as long as the floor is in good shape.

Most commonly, restoration involves mopping on a chemical which is similar to regular wax, but does not immediately add shine. After the restorative chemical dries, a high-speed buffer is used to polish the newly-applied layer of chemical until the floor achieves a level of shine uncommon to regular buffing.

We’ll be glad to do a walk-through and determine what technique will suit you best.

A walk-through will be necessary to to determine what materials and techniques will be needed to perform your Restoration, and to determine pricing. Call Jon at (806) 477-0459 to learn more.