This is a technician's-eye view of some intense wax build-up.

Even a well-maintained tile floor should be stripped and waxed every three-to-six months. How is your floor looking? Scuffs, scratches and skids all build up over time and give your wax a dull, worn-down look. Have you moved any furniture recently? Filing cabinets, chairs and even rubber door mats can wear down your wax and in some cases, leave behind stains.

Let Fail-Safe get everything off the floor (no additional charge for moving a reasonable amount of furniture) and make it look like new.

What sets Fail-Safe apart from the other companies here in Amarillo is a “do it until it looks good” approach to waxing. Most companies contract for a set number of coats. Fail-Safe’s policy is to apply wax until the floor shines, no exceptions.

Our rate for stripping and waxing starts at $0.25 a square foot for any job under 2,000 square feet. Any job exceeding 2,000 square feet drops to an unheard of $0.20 per square foot, the lowest rate in Amarillo. Pair this with an unmatched passion for quality and dedication to customer satisfaction, and you’ve got the highest quality possible strip and wax job in town, at the best deal possible. Call Jon at (806) 477-0459 to learn more.